Full Moon Night

A captivating sight unfolds in the night sky: a radiant full moon illuminates the darkness, casting a serene glow over the landscape below. Stars twinkle faintly, while wisps of clouds drift by, creating a scene of celestial beauty and tranquillity.


Under a canvas of midnight blue, a luminous full moon emerges as the centrepiece of the celestial spectacle. Its soft, silvery glow bathes the landscape in ethereal light, casting long shadows and illuminating every detail with a gentle radiance. Against the velvety backdrop of the night sky, stars twinkle like distant diamonds, adding a touch of magic to the serene scene. Wisps of clouds, delicate and transient, drift lazily across the heavens, while the moon reigns supreme, a beacon of tranquillity and mystery in the boundless expanse above.

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Small 16"x12", Medium 24"x16", Large 36"x24"